Give peace a chance

The Danish UN-Association invites
cooperating with regugees in danger (NGO)

Peace and human rights are not just given,
but is our common responsibility

According to The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, 100 million people by 2022 are on the run. Consequences of dictatorships, climate crises and wars in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ukraine and others.

The largest number of people on the run since World War II and without the right to a country to reside in.


Our aim  is to make the responsibility popular and shared.

We want to increase solidarity between people, and break down barriers and misunderstandings that divide us,

and instead find a space that brings us together – the Music.

Through music, we will strengthen the sense of community and responsibility across culture and religion.

War brings death and suffering and large flows of refugees.
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