Give peace a chance

The Danish UN-Association invites
cooperating with regugees in danger (NGO)

How you can participate

You can participate as a singer, choir, musician, orchestra, songwriter, composer, concert venue.

You can use a pre-planned concert to include some peace songs and draw attention to the occasion or you can plan a whole peace concert.

Benefits of participating

You are helping to make an effort for peace and human rights.

If you organize a concert with a message of peace, we help you reach people with your music. We promote the concert and the orchestra on our website, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters and press releases.

It costs you nothing to participate. You will experience getting joy and spreading joy by doing something.

"Imagine all the people" — John Lennon sang

Contact Information

Telephone: +45 9385 6362

Telephone: +45 9385 6362

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